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School will be re-opening for Reception children on Monday 8th June. Details can be found on the re-opening page on the classes menu.

An important message for you from everyone at school.

Welcome to Class 3

You may have noticed I have finally got a photo of all of you now!
Back together in a virtual way, it is so lovely to see all your smiley faces.

If you would like to update your photo, just tweet or email one to me. 

Running out of books to read? 

Thirsk Library are now doing a safe library book delivery service to your door. If you would like to access this service please contact them through their website

Home Learning:

Please use the following work and links to continue your learning at home during this unsettled period.

This will be updated regularly by Miss Nicholson. She can be contacted on .

 If you are able; please try to finish the green tasks each day, the blue at the bottom is optional. 

Please don't feel any pressure to complete all of the activities on this page, be kind to yourself and take a break when needed!

Message for parents     

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for all your support this half term. You have taken on my role with enthusiasm, excellence and endurance. It is really appreciated. Your children have wowed me with their resilience and hard work and it is all thanks to you. 

Thursday 4th June

Parents, if you would like a copy of the timetable which shows the structure the next few weeks, please email me. 

Remember, I am so proud oeach and everyone of you!

Guided Reading: 

Our first short book this half term Ancient Greeks Click here    Ancient Greeks Usborne Beginners Beginners Series: ...


 Read the pages set and then complete today's task.

Monday's task Click here

Tuesday's task Click here

Wednesday's task Click here


You can also go on to the new Reading Plus programme, complete the introduction questions and then keep going with your great reading. 
Remember the site code is: rpcarlt1 

This is how the weekly top ten leader board is looking:    

Great reading everyone! 


If you need help getting on to Reading Plus just email and I will see if I can help.

Wow! Well done these guys for earning Reading Plus certificates.

First News articles Click here

Thursday's task read and complete the questions for one of the First News articles.

Friday's task read and complete the questions for one of the First News articles

As a maths warm up, try either the Early Bird Maths Challenge or the CLIC slides.

Early Bird Maths

CLIC Maths: 

This week I have chosen which 4 slides I would like you to complete. Write the answers into your maths book.

I will change the slides each day but they will be similar. 

 Monday's CLIC slides Click here 

Tuesday's CLIC slides Click here

Wednesday's CLIC slides Click here

Thursday's CLIC slides Click here

Friday's CLIC slides Click here



This week I am using White Rose resources again (and we have a school subscription so will continue do do so!). 

Monday's activity: Lesson 1 - Add 3-digit numbers. Video Click here Task Click here 

Tuesday's activity: Lesson 2 - Subtract 3-digit numbers. Video Click here Task Click here

Wednesday's activity: Lesson 3 - Subtract 3-digit numbers. Video Click here Task Click here

Thursday's activity: Lesson 4 - Estimating. Video Click here Task Click here

Friday's activity: Spend this lesson practising your mental maths skills with:  Daliy 10 (Level 3) Click here

TTRockstars Click here Hit the Button Click here



  • If you would prefer to use the Oak National Academy resources  this is the link: Click here

    The activities don't need printing so could be helpful to those without a printer.  


    • I have set also some new tasks on My Maths for you to complete if you wish: Click here

    Please log in to your portal and complete what you can. (For login reminders just email me.)



     Writing Project 1 and Writing Project 2 Develop your speaking and listening skills.

    You have two days to help me create a 'Virtual Show and Tell'.

    Choose something you would like to share with the class, perhaps something that you did during the half term or before. Then write yourself a script of what you are going to say. Try to make what you say last two minutes. Next get one of your family to record your show and tell video. When you have finished ask your parent to email me your clip, I will put all the clips together and we will have our 'Virtual Show and Tell'.  

    Please can all the clips be emailed by Thursday so I can put them together for Friday, thank you. 

    If you are having trouble emailing the video, you could try sending an iCloud link, posting it on twitter or using drop box.

    It has been a delight to watch the videos I have received so far, makes me really miss you Class 3! 

    Our new English focus: Greek Myths and Legends


    Writing Project 3  To know what a myth or legend is. Video: Click here Slides and task: Click here

    Writing Project 4 To become familiar with Greek myths and legends. Perseus and Medusa Myth: Click here Task: Click here

    Writing Project 5 To become familiar with Greek myths and legends and practise speaking and listening skills. Theseus and the Minotaur Myth: Click here Task: Click here


    Our new Guided Reading book next week will be full of heroes, mythical beasts, Gods and Goddess as we read ... 
    legend of heroic Odysseus' journey home after fighting in the Trojan Wars. 




    subdivide                     subdue
    supercomputer            supercharge
    antigravity                   antiaircraft
    replace                       replay
    infrequent                   invisible
    unhappy                     unkind
    dishonest                   disconnect
    immature                    immortal 


    For more ways to practise: Click here



    Although afternoon work is optional, tasks set on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week are key parts of the History National Curriculum and tasks set on Thursday are key parts of the Science National Curriculum therefore these will build valuable knowledge and experience for your child's future.

    Afternoon sessions: 

    Monday's Challenge: Slides: Click here Tasks: Click here Task 2 Video: Click here

    Tuesday's Challenge: Slides: Click here Video 1: Click here Video 2: Click here Video 3 Click here Task: Click here   

    Wednesday's  Challenge: Task: Click here


    Scientific Thursday's Challenge: Video 1: Click here Video 2: Click here Slides: Click here Task: Click here

    Foodie Friday Challenge: Linking to the Space X launch of its capsule to the International Space Station you can make ... Click here


    PE Resources 

    This file has been attached by Mrs Clay with some ideas to stay active: Click here


    Wellbeing resources:

    Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr colouring Click here and word search Click here

    VE Day Tea Cup Design Sheets Click here

    Easter Mindfulness Colouring Sheets Click here

    Wildlife Mindfulness Colouring Sheets Click here

    Mindfulness challenge cards Click here

    If you are worried about anything and want a chat, just get someone at home to email me, then Mrs Bosomworth or myself will give you a call

    Additional resources: 

    Keep reading with Oxford Owl, make sure you try logging in to the pink class login box and the username and password is all in lowercase.  Click here


    Keep reading with First News First News 15th May - 21st May Click here


    Keep practising time telling: Maths frame games Click here


    Keep practising times tables with: TT Rockstars Click here



    Keep practising times tables with:Beat-the-Clock-Times-Tables-Grid. Printable Click here


    Keep practising times tables with Ultimate-Times-Table-Challenge Printable Click here (answers included.)


    Practise your typing skills with Dance Mat Typing Click here