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Carlton Miniott Primary Academy is a Good School with Outstanding Behaviour and Attitudes - OFSTED SEPT 2023

Physical Education

Physical Education Intent

At Carlton Miniott Primary Academy we have designed and created an inspiring Physical Education (PE) curriculum that enables our children to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. This empowers their ability to be confident, actively involved, life-long learners. We feel that PE is paramount in ensuring children have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to live healthy and physically active lives at school and for the rest of their lives. We enthuse children and encourage them to approach all physical activities with a positive attitude and open mind, supporting them to independently develop their skills, over a host of sports and activities. When appropriate, we support children in utilising these newly developed skills to further improve teamwork, communication, creativity and leadership. Through strong teaching, we demonstrate the value of cooperation and collaboration with others, as part of a team; whilst understanding fairness, equality, resilience and determination to achieve our full potential in sport.

Physical Education Implementation

Pupils at Carlton Miniott Academy participate in at least 2 hours of high-quality PE activities a week that develop the knowledge and understanding necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing. We ensure there is an appropriate level of challenge in each session focussing on physical fitness, tactical knowledge and an application and evaluation process. Through regular re-visiting of activities throughout the year, skills are refined and developed, with concepts further deepened. A broad range of skills and sports are taught throughout the year led by the class teacher, the PE Senior Leader (SLE), and specialist coaches.

Physical Education is divided into five Strands. These are Gymnastics and Dance, Locomotion and Jumping, Hands and Feet, Outdoor and Adventurous, Swimming and Safe and Healthy Participation. These are developed across school..


Ensuring Sport for All


To ensure all children access the PE curriculum at an appropriate level, Carlton Miniott places a huge emphasis on inclusion in sport. Following the ‘Sports Partnership Pathway’, our children regularly attend ‘festivals’ at local and county level, where children are ‘provided an opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best, making a meaningful difference’ School Games (2019). Our PE SLE has designated time each week to work with focus children from Key Stage 1 and 2, where basic fundamental skills are taught and refined. In these sessions, the SLE completes sensory circuits and interventions to assist pupils with any issues they may have to overcome barriers to participate in physical activity. Following the Elevate ‘Keep Up Not Catch Up Approach’, this time is also used for pre-teach sessions, with Key Stage 2 children, to give them improved opportunities in PE lessons, taking a more active role in sessions; this includes pre-teaching a skill, discussing rules to a game or providing a more relaxed environment to work in small groups.

CATS Festivals

Working with a cluster of local schools, Carlton Miniott Academy participates in ‘CATS’ Festivals. These events are aimed at lower Key Stage 2 to allow all children the opportunity to partake in a variety of sports, regardless of ability. The three key principles of these festivals are; enjoyment of sport, understanding the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork and communication, and maintaining a high level of fitness. An award is presented, weekly, to a member of each festival who has demonstrated one or more of these three principles.


Sports Leaders

To allow our pupils a greater voice in sports and physical fitness, we have created the role of ‘Sports Leaders’. These Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils, represent their houses in decision making processes and lead physical activities during break times and lunchtimes. They discuss and organise equipment needed for the playground, arrange timetables and have opportunities to officiate at intra-sport events and inter-sports events.


We provide all children focussed swimming lessons in Classes R, 1, 3, 5 and 6 to ensure all of our children achieve the requirements for swimming and self-rescue, in accordance with the National Curriculum.  We aim to ensure all of our children meet the minimum requirement of being able to confidently swim 25 metres, unaided.

School Sports Partnership

We work collaboratively with a small cluster of schools within the local area to drive and spearhead our shared vision for physical activity and PE across our area. Our foci include developing a clear strategy for inclusion, utilising our SLE, access to competition for all pupils and best use of equipment and facilities.

Sports Pathway and SGO

To ensure our children have access to a wide variety of sports competitions, we work closely with the Hambleton School Games Organiser (SGO) in the Sainsbury’s Games Pathway. This pathway allows our children to compete in local events that, in turn, provide opportunities to qualify for county level events. In addition to the sports listed on the Games Pathway, our SGO also organises additional events, with a clear focus of inclusion for all. Through this collaborative approach with the SGO and sports pathway, we encompass the School Games values: determination, honesty, passion, respect, self-belief and teamwork. With the Sainsbury’s Games Pathway, CATS League Festivals and our SGO’s additional ‘inclusion; events, we ensure every child across the school has the opportunity to represent the school in at least one sporting event.

Sport Premium

Our Sports Premium allowance ensures we are able to provide an exciting and stimulating learning environment with high quality equipment for a range of different sports. We are able to offer children opportunities to work with qualified coaches. Through the Sainsbury’s Games Pathway, SGO and SLE we are able to dedicate time and resources to providing assurances that sport includes all pupils of our school, regardless of ability; and all children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to attend different sporting events throughout their time at Carlton Miniott Academy.


Using a thorough and rigorous assessment process, staff continually assess the children’s understanding of the National Curriculum; in addition to this there is also an emphasis on pupil’s own self-assessment using PE assessment ladders. The PE Assessment ladders are placed in the children’s ‘Wonderful Work’ books. Teachers and the SLE gather evidence in a variety of ways including recording routines and performances at the end of a unit, through group discussions throughout lessons, pupil voice and observations made in sessions. In addition to ‘practical’ and ‘verbal’ examples of evidence, the PE SLE ensures at least one piece of work (whether written or photographic) is recorded in the children’s books. Staff use an assessment software program to both record and monitor pupil progress in Physical Education (Insight).  Assessment is linked to the ‘Rising Stars Progression Framework’ statements. Following regular, ongoing assessment of children’s work, developments and adaptations can be made to planning to enhance the children’s learning, designed around their current needs.

PE Progression