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School is now closed for the majority of pupils. Please find work for your child on the class pages of this website.

Welcome to Class 6!

Home Learning for pupils self-isolating.

 Please find below work for children who are self-isolating due to the Coronavirus.  This will be updated regularly by Mrs. Amesbury.  She can be contacted on: 


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Monday 30th March

Welcome to the last week of term! Well done for getting through it and being so amazing at home!

Today's tasks:

  • Reading plus - 20 minutes.
  • GR - the week's ppt/pdf here for you.



Ninjas - week 15 session 1

Answer to the Narnia logic puzzle - please mark your work.

I promised some horsey maths so here we are! There are 3 questions to answer, as a maths warm up. Enjoy!

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to our Class page.  Below is the information that you received at the beginning of the term - I've popped it here for handy reference!


The days for P.E. could change depending on timetable priorities and weather. I’d like the children to have their kit on Monday and to leave it in school until Friday. The kit should also be school kit – red or white t-shirt, black shorts, joggers/leggings for winter (any colour), sports trainers, hoody/sweater for winter (not school jumper), preferably spare socks. Also, no jewellery to be worn – that includes earrings, your child needs to be able to remove these her/himself please.

Classroom Equipment

The children will all be given a pen, pencil, ruler, whiteboard pen etc so won’t need to bring an enormous pencil case to school! I’m happy for them to bring their own pencil crayons/felt tips if they would like to.


The children will get homework on Friday – this will mainly be mymaths (a letter will follow containing your child’s logon details for this). Sometimes, however, they will have a different task to do which will be completed in their yellow homework book. Each child will get weekly spellings to learn for a test on Friday.


Reading will be a major focus for the class this year as the National Expectations have been raised significantly. As a guide, the Y6 expectation is to be able to read between 100 and 120 words per minute AND understand the content – you could have a go with your child to see if they can do this! I would really appreciate your support to continue encouraging your child to read at least 4 times a week and to read a substantial amount in 20-30 minutes. They don’t need to read aloud to you but should be able to answer questions on the text. In class we will all be reading the same text together (starting with Alice in Wonderland) and your child will be sharing a copy of the book with another pupil. So that we can proceed through at a reasonable rate, your child will bring the book home on 2 days (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday) and they will need to read the relevant pages set before the following day. They will also need to bring the book back into school the next day so that their partner can do their reading homework – this is imperative otherwise the setup will fail! Perhaps get your child into the habit of always putting the book back into their school bag!


Our launch day was fun! The pictures below show the children sketching Galapagos animals and pond dipping.  We also did some map work and researched animal life cycles.

Harry Potter and the FORD CASTLE experience.

It was a normal morning in Little Miniott and Harry Potter and Class 6 were preparing to return to Hogwarts/Ford Castle.  As the parents saw them safely onto the Atkinson’s Express from Platform 9 bus lay-by, the excitement filled the air.  The journey had begun... By Tesco’s, professors Amesbury, Armstrong and Ward were shattered but looking forward to fish and chips at the beach on the way.  2 and half hours later the sleeping potion had worn off, to be honest it never really worked in the first place, and Seahouses loomed into view.  The excited young magicians worked their magic on the rock pools and found a small crab. Yes that really was all they found....the sun was shining so it only seemed right to enjoy the sandy plains of Seahouses beach.  Some children grasped the challenge of sand sculpting by creating turtles, castles and (rather randomly) a volcano.  Soon it was time to continue the journey on the Atkinson’s Express to the infamous castle where a potions and fencing class awaited.


Tune in tomorrow  for the next chapter of Harry Potter and the Ford Castle experience...ner nerner ner ner neeeeeer neeer, ner ne ne ner ne neeeer ( to the tune of Harry Potter).

Harry Potter and the Ford Castle Experience, day 2.


Harry and class 6 have had a busy day again...the potions class went well with 1 group using the Echinosanotor command (don't ask) to find a magical cure for bad eyes, bad bones and bad bum (again, best not to question). Group 2 enjoyed a tree knowledge filled day with Professor Jim and thankfully avoided the downpour. The afternoon meant climbing Jacob's Ladder without broomsticks, clambering on a stack of crates without wands and touring Hogwarts avoiding the troll in the dungeon. Snape has confiscated the wifi, so no pics tonight, sorry. Ner ner ner ner, etc to the usual theme! 

Harry Potter and the Ford Castle Experience, day 3.


Time was passing and the season seemed to have changed overnight. As Professor Armstrong waited outside Professor Amesbury’s door with her morning cuppa, the rain lashed down and covered his glasses.  Some of Harry’s friends had chosen to play football in sliders...not ideal as no one knew the spell to dry feet and socks. The Slytherin group, led by Professor Armstrong, disappeared for zip line broomstick practice after breakfast. Professors Amesbury and Ward and the Gryfindor team were joined by Jim who led them into Hogsmead/Ford village to see Thestrals and Squealing hogs. A few children seem to have been cursed, unfortunately, as there have been some very grumpy young witches and wizards at times...sleeping potion definitely required.... Tune in tomorrow for more wizarding antics. Ner ner ner...etc etc.

Harry Potter and the Ford Castle Experience, the final day...


And so, the final day loomed into view for Harry and his friends. After another hearty breakfast,  Gryfindor team had to put all their magical skills together to complete an aqua challenge,  then completed the legendary leap of magical faith. Slytherin, on the other hand, got completely wet and muddy ( sorry, no wand will clean those clothes) tackling the assault course, followed by a survival session in the Forbidden Forest.  To celebrate the end of this term at Hogwarts, a disco was held in the Great Hall and the young witches and wizards danced until the early hours (9pm, but it feels like hours to be honest).  No more wifi again, I'm afraid, as Snape has once again switched it off. See you tomorrow back at Little Miniott. Ner ner ner ner ner neeerrr, ner, ner know the rest!

The Farne Islands! (21.10.19)

Wow! What a day we had today! After a shaky start thinking it might have been too choppy to sail out on the boat, our luck most definitely turned! The weather held out, the sea calmed...a bit...and we saw seals, baby seals a variety of sea birds (including 1 lone puffling, bless him) and DOLPHINS!!!! They were just spectacular and swam alongside our boat for a good 20 minutes, playing in the waves and showing off. The children excelled themselves in terms of behaviour, we are once again immensely proud of all of them. The boat crew also commented on their excellent behaviour. Thank you also to the adults that came along and helped, we hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did!