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  Welcome to Class 4

Welcome to our class page. Please read it regularly to keep up to date with information on Class 4. 


Look at our super work on Romans!!!

Recent Announcement of Coronavirus Lockdown

You will now have heard of the Government announcement to safeguard people and the NHS from the current spread of Coronavirus. For the majority of children, this means that lessons will be delivered 'on line.' Work is now on 'Microsoft Teams.' You should have received 'log in' details and a letter from the school about this. It is important that children try to complete the work set to maintain the excellent start they have made to Year 4. It is also vital that children continue to read as much as possible and parents continue to sign planners.

Class Letter

Please click on this link to see our Spring Term class letter. This details what we are covering this term and information on your child and their work.


Activities for w/c 4th January:

Friday 8th January

Well done to everyone who accessed 'Teams' and did the English SPAG assignment. Hopefully, you are now becoming familiar with the software and how to use it. Just remember to press 'submit' on future assignments so I can give you feedback. Also, keep looking at the notes for parents that school sent out earlier this week.


Times Table Rockstars (15 mins). Please read the note at the bottom of the page about the importance of using the 'Rockstars' site and learning times tables (you will also see a link to the site there).

Mental Maths

Please complete the Testbase questions on the link here (just do Q8 to 25). Try and spend a maximum of 15 mins on this so you practise working to a time limit. When you have finished, mark your work with the answers at the end. With fractions, remember that when you are adding or subtracting them, the denominator stays the same. For example: 1/8  +  1/8 = 2/8 

WALT: Dividing 3 digit by 1 digit numbers 

This is a continuation of yesterday's work but today we using our knowledge to solve word problems. Remember to use RUCSAC in these (Read, Understand, Calculations, Solve, Answer, Check).

Please look at 'My Maths' if are still unsure of the 'bus stop' method. The link is here

Now, in order to practise using 'Teams' again, please go on the site and have a go at the assignment. Submit it and I will give you feedback - good luck!!!


WALT: First News mixed domain questions

Click on the link and read the first article (World News only). Answer the questions carefully. Remember to think of the type of question before you answer it. For example, is it a retrieval or inference question? Highlight parts of the text that you think might help in the answer.

English Writing

WALT: Historical Narrative (character descriptions)

On Wednesday, you looked at the features of a historical narrative. Today, we are going to look at writing effective descriptions of settings. Firstly, use a dice and play the game on each of these sheets. One is to remind you of compound and one is to remind you of complex sentences. Remember, in a compound sentence both parts of the sentence are main clauses and make sense on their own. In a complex sentence, one part (main clause) makes sense on its own but the other part (subordinate clause) doesn't. Click on compound and complex to see the activities. Then, complete the activities on this sheet. Please take a picture of the sentences you write and submit them to me by e-mail.



Topic: Roman Britain

Activity: Design a Roman shield

Today, would have been the launch day of our new topic in school. Please click on this link to see a short film first. Then, look at the following shield designs:


Use a piece of paper and try and sketch a design of a shield. Then, add colour. If you are lucky enough to have a large piece of cardboard left over from Christmas and paints, you could try and make one! Please take a picture of your shield and e-mail it to me so I can put it on the website for all to see!

Have a lovely weekend and remember, It's 'Teams' next week (see timetable further down this page).


Thursday 7th January

Maths: Times Table Rockstars (15 mins). 


WALT Text Detective (inference)

Today is our normal Thursday where we look at a text from the 'Headstart' book and answer the questions. Please read this text and do the activity. Mark your work using the answers. Then complete the next sheet.


WALT: Dividing 3 digit by 1 digit numbers 

This is a continuation of yesterday's work but today we are moving up to 3 digits. Don't worry, the method is the same but we are just using bigger numbers!!! Please look at and work through the activities on 'My Maths' first. The link is here. Please use the log in details in your child's planner if prompted by the website. You then need to complete the tasks that have been set as 'homework.' This is the same as completing the weekly homework which we have done since September. The 'bus stop' method for 3 by 1 digit numbers is shown here:




Today in our English, we are allowing pupils to have a trial with an 'assignment' and 'links' option on 'Teams' for next week. Please can you log in and have a go at the Yr 3 & 4 SPAG quiz there. If you are having problems, please e-mail me. There are also links to three BBC sites so that children can practise with these. 



Science: Electricity

WALT Know what a circuit is and that you need a complete one for electricity to flow

Finish the lesson and activities from yesterday (see the link on yesterday's work).

Wednesday 6th January

Maths: Times Table Rockstars (15 mins). 

Reading: We are starting a new class reading text called 'Charlotte's Web.' It is a children's classic and I'm sure the children will find it a great read!

WALT: Super Summariser

Today's focus is summarising the text. Children need to read the first two chapters of the text. Please click on this link to access it - Don't read any more as daily tasks will be linked to chapters over the next few weeks. Then, in their own words, children need to write down 3 bullet points to summarise the key or most important events in chapter 2. Once they have done this, they need to write a summary paragraph using their bullet points. Children have done this in class a number of times.

Main Maths focus:

WALT: Dividing 2 digit by 1 digit numbers 

Children have been introduced to the concept of division and, today, we are moving onto a more formal method of short division. Please look at and work through the activities on 'My Maths' first. The link is here. Please use the log in details in your child's planner if prompted by the website. Children will have used this site before for homework. Children then need to work through the following worksheet. Please ask children to mark their own work when they have finished - don't cheat!!!

 Worksheet (do from question 2 onwards). Use the method of short division shown on My Maths, like this one:

 Answers - click on link


Our spelling focus over the next couple of weeks is 'Words ending in -ion'

Words to learn are:

discussion     permission     confession     depression     submission     possession     admission     transmission     progression     impression 

Children need to spend 10 mins each day reading them, writing them down and remembering how to spell them. Please could parents test their children on the spellings each Friday (first test 15th January).

EdShed Web Game - Spelling Shed and MathShed Ed Shed (Spelling Shed) is a great way for children to learn spellings in a fun way.

Children have log in details in their planners and the link is here.


WALT Finding the features of adventure stories

Our new topic this term is 'Roman Britain' and we are beginning our writing by looking at 'Historical Narrative.' At the end of the unit, we will write a narrative about Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius using a text called, 'Escape from Pompeii' (not Britain but a Roman theme!!!) Today, please look at the text on this link and read the first 8 pages only. Write down what features you notice. For example, use of speech marks, a range of sentences, including complex, and good adjectives (words that describe nouns). When you have finished, look at the check list to see if you have got all the features of a historical recount. You might want to look a this link first to see what happened in Pompeii nearly 2000 years ago.



Science: Electricity

WALT Know what a circuit is and that you need a complete one for electricity to flow

Watch the following short video. Then follow this link and do the activities.

 From w/c 11th January onwards

This is the timetable for children working at home. Please look at 'Teams' for more information - thank you..


Times Tables

As you know, we are having a big push on times tables this year. The children have been informed of a new awards system in Year 4. It is designed to get them to know all their tables (up to 12 x 12) and quickly. Some children are doing really well and are already on gold in lots of tables - well done!!! Other children need to practise more at home so please encourage your child to go on the website as much as possible.

At the end of each half term, like the reading, children will be awarded a certificate, depending on how long it takes them on average to answer their tables. This will hopefully improve as we move through the year. The awards are:

 Less than 1 second per question average

 1-2 seconds per question average

 2-3 seconds per question average

 3 - 4 seconds per question average

We will also have a top 3 and most improved award each half term.


Please encourage your child to go on 'Rockstars' ('Garage' game which has the weekly focus tables on) at home and practise their tables.  Later this year, there will be a national multiplication tables test so it is important that they know them.  Children have their log in details in their planners and the link to the site is here.    

The following websites are useful to support your child's learning and link in with lots of the topics we are covering:

BBC Bitesize

Oak Academy

    If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school by phone or by e-mailing Mr Macklam at

    Thank you.