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PE and Sport

PE and Sport is a very important part of Carlton Miniott Primary Academy and there is much going on to develop the children's love of physical activity and the enjoyment of playing as part of a team. We encourage all children to take a full part in physical activity and promote the idea of the children trying many new sports and getting involved in those they enjoy most. As a result of our work in promoting this area of school life this year we were awarded the Sainsbury's School Games Gold award. Our School is part of Sainsbury's School Sports and more information can be found at . 

In the past year our children have taken part in the full range of competitions and Festivals on offer.

If you would like to find out how we are doing this year please click here and enter the school postcode YO74NJ with no gaps.

PE lessons

The children take part in two or more PE lessons a week. These can be indoors or outdoors. These lessons include invasion games, net and wall, striking and fielding, athletics, gymnastics, dance and outdoor and adventurous activities. Each class also have swimming lessons every year which starts in the Reception class. We also have two residential visits to East Barnby and Bewerley Park where the children take part in a range of outdoor and adventurous activities including climbing, skiing, gorge walking and canoeing.


The children take part in wide range of competitions both locally with the other cluster schools and in area finals. This year 100% of both our KS1 and our KS2 children have represented the school in a sporting competition. We have been very successful over the past year with many of our teams achieving very highly in local and cluster competitions.

After school Clubs

We have a wide range of after school clubs for all age ranges that many of our children take part in. Some of these are paid clubs such as gymnastics and football. Some are teacher or parent led such as rounders, athletics, netball, hockey and Tennis. All these clubs are well attended and enjoyed by the children who take part.

Sports Week

At the end of the Summer Term the Y6 children write to sports clubs and organisations in the local area and invite them to take part in our sports week. During this week the children take part in a range of sports and have opportunities to find out about local clubs they can join. Some of the sports we had this year were judo, archery, hockey, army assault course, dance and athletics. This week also includes our sports day where the children compete in races to earn points for their house team. The winning team receives a trophy.

Sports Presentation 

During sports week we hold our annual sports presentations. This is usually held at the end of our Sports Day to celebrate the sporting achievements of the children during the school year. Trophies and medals are awarded to children in a range of sports by the people who lead the clubs.



Sports Premium 2019-2020

To ensure that the improvements we made last year are sustained and PE and sport continues to improve we have continued to employ our specialist sports teacher. Our aims for the coming year are: 

    • To increase the amount of physical activity the children do through the school curriculum and at playtimes.
    • To improve the teaching of PE by supporting children verbalise their own and others performance.
    • To tie in the assessment ladders to the whole school assessment tool so they work together to improve performance.
    • To use technology (ipads) to film performance for children to use assess and improve performance.
    • To improve the access to KS1 competitions.

We received £17,780 sports premium funding this year. This is being used to employ a specialist PE teacher, for competitions, for extra equipment, to train staff and children, to increase the amount of activity the children do each day and to employ specialist sports coaches to work with specific classes.

Click here for our Sport Premium strategy for 2019-2020

In our present Y6 Cohort 90% of the children can swim at least 25 metres and use a range of strokes effectively


Sports Premium 2018-2019

To ensure that the improvements we made last year are sustained and PE and sport continues to improve we have continued to employ our specialist sports teacher. Our aims for the coming year are: 

  • Improve communication between the children in all forms of sport.
  • Develop Outdoor and Adventurous activities with staff.
  • Encourage the use of personal plans so children are extending their personal best.
  • Further develop Intra-school competitions.
  • Develop a middle ability competition pathway.

We received £17,780 sports premium funding this year. This is being used to employ a specialist PE teacher, for competitions, for extra equipment and to employ specialist sports coaches to work with specific classes.

Click here for our Sport Premium strategy for 2018-2019


In the Financial Year 2018-19 we received a total Allocation of £17,780

Spending in the academic year 2018-19



Sports Teacher




Sports Coaching – cricket, skipping, balance bikes, squash, hockey and fencing









In our present Y6 Cohort 96% of the children can swim at least 25 metres and use a range of strokes effectively.

Click here to read our PE evaluation report for 2018-2019


Sport Premium 2017-2018

Our aims for 2017-2018 were:

  1. To improve the basic knowledge of teaching Games skills to specific staff to improve the consistency of Games teaching across school.
    2. To work with the lower ability target groups to increase their skills and knowledge.
    3. To develop a festival to celebrate the achievements of the middle ability children.
    4.To develop a programme of events for the most able children across our schools.

    From April to August we recieved £3669. From September to March we recieved £10,418. 

          To view the report on the impact of this work in 2017 - 2018 please click   End of year PE Report 

In our present Y6 Cohort 74% of the children can swim at least 25 metres and use a range of strokes effectively. None of the children have taken part in Life Saving Classes in school. 


Sport Premium 2016-2017
In 2016-17 the Government gave us £8490 as sport funding. Our aims for the year were:

1. To support the children who do not like physical activity to be more active and improve their attitude to PE lessons.
2. To get the less able more involved in competitions.
3. To build teacher's confidence in teaching skills associated with particular team games.
4. To build resilience in all children.

To view the report on the impact of this work in 2016 - 2017 please click  here.

Sport Premium 2015-2016

In 2015-2016 the government gave us £8945 as Sport Premium Funding.

Our aims were as follows

  1. To develop core stability and stamina.
  2. Focus on supporting LAPS and HAPS both within and outside PE lessons.
  3. Develop and improve the teaching of PE for the new NQTs employed in the cluster.
  4. Develop a manageable formal assessment system.
  5. Incorporate teaching about Healthy Lifestyles into PE
  6. Coach teams pre competition.
  7. Develop teacher’s confidence in teaching dance.

How we have spent the money?

During the year we have used the money to employ a specialist sports teacher for a day a week to support both staff in delivering high quality lessons and children who need extra support in developing their Physical skills. We have also used the money to pay to enter the numerous sporting competitions and to pay for transport to sporting events.


The specialist teacher has led CPD and supported staff in developing core stability and stamina. She has introduced an assessment system which is used across school. The children have used this to develop their own skills and it has supported staff in teaching a progression of lessons that challenges all range of abilities. The specialist teacher has worked with the higher and lower ability children in lessons and has led weekly intervention sessions to develop the skills and confidence of the less able children. The specialist teacher has worked with the Newly Qualified teacher all year and has developed her confidence in teaching a wide range of PE activities. We have also taken a group of children to a local Outdoor Pursuits Centre to help develop resilience.

Middlesbrough Football  Foundation have run a programme of lessons on healthy lifestyles with the Year 5 and 6 children.  The specialist teacher has led clubs for tennis, hockey and cross country to coach the children for events. This year we had more runners than we have ever had get through to the area finals of the Cross Country competition, the Quicksticks hockey team qualified for the area final and the tennis team won the bronze medal. The specialist teacher led training with staff to raise the confidence level in teaching dance and held a very successful Y3/4 dance festival.

Competitions and festivals taken part in this year include; Hockey, Cross Country , Gymnastics, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Football, Tchukball, Cricket, Dodgeball, Swimming, Mud Run, Dance, Multi-skills and a Cluster Schools Athletics festival.  Once again this year we have been awarded the Sainsbury’s Games Gold Award.

Pupil Questionnaire Results

This year 100% of or pupils have competed in a competitive event against pupils from another school. 88% of pupils have participated in an extra-curricular sporting activity. 88% rated their enjoyment of PE as 7 or above out of 10.

What have pupils enjoyed in PE?

Fitness,  Gymnastics, Dance, Tag Rugby, Dodgeball, apparatus in the hall, Middlesbrough Football Club. Tennis, running, relays, Rocketball,  Swimming, Outdoor and adventurous and the 10 minute run.

How healthy are you?

83% rated themselves as 7 or above for how healthy and active their lifestyles were. They were able to justify their judgement.

In the National Child Measurement Programme the results for the obesity levels of both Reception children and Year 6 children in our school was below the National and North Yorkshire averages.

Staff feel more confident at teaching a range of activities. Swimming is an area that staff need further support in teaching.

Sports Premium 2014-2015

This year the government gave us £8895 as part of the Sport Premium. Our aims were as follows:

  • To improve children’s fitness with a particular focus on the strength and flexibility.
  • To increase the confidence of staff in teaching net and wall games and OAA.
  • To develop children’s leadership in sport.
  • To develop the PE curriculum.
  • To develop stronger links with local sports clubs

During the year we used the money to employ a specialist sports teacher for a day a week who has worked with staff to improve their teaching. We have also employed a tennis coach and a cricket coach. We have attended the majority of sporting competitions and held our own festivals with three local cluster schools. Some of the money has been spent on transport. We have developed a team of Young Leaders from our older pupils and these children have organised and led a multi-skills festival for the younger children. We have also purchased some new equipment including rounders and basketball posts and made repairs to our gymnastic apparatus and goal posts.


We surveyed our KS2 children to find what impact has been made this year.

  • The number of different extra-curricular sports the children take part in has increased.
  • Only 5 children rated their enjoyment of PE to be less than 7 out of 10.
  • All children in the school have taken part in a competition or festival this year.
  • Tennis and cricket are now sports that the children have highlighted that they enjoy.
  • Children are much more aware of what it means to be healthy and have an active lifestyle.

In relation to our aims there has been a noticeable improvement in children’s fitness this year. We have had to increase the distance of the long distance race at sports day because even our younger children are running further following the regular running activities at the start of PE lessons. KS2  fitness tests show a noticeable impact in the children’s strength, stamina and all round fitness. Strength and flexibility activities have been embedded into the classroom which has improved posture and energy levels. Teachers’ have observed happier, more energetic and enthusiastic children following this focus this year.  

Staff feel more confident at teaching net and wall and Outdoor and adventurous activities following input on OAA from the specialist sports coach and lessons with the tennis coach.

Our Young Leaders are now leading playtime activities and led a Key stage 1 festival and a whole school fitness morning. Their communication skills and confidence have increased following leading events this year.

The PE curriculum has been amended to reflect the new curriculum and is now being used across school.

This year we have made new links with the local Cricket Club and Tennis Club and have developed our  links with Hockey, Judo , Rugby and Swimming clubs. This has contributed to the school being awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award which is a level up from last year. 

We have also been awarded the PE Quality mark this year.